Mail Your Items Back to Us

Looking for a product exchange? We often sell out fast. The best method to ensure you receive exactly what you want is to order the new item now through and let us worry about the exchange afterwards!

After ordering your new item, follow the steps below and we will credit your account for the exchanged item, including shipping paid on the new order (Economy or Standard shipping only), making sure to honor any discounts received on your original purchase. You may also have us process the entire exchange for you by writing in the desired item on our exchange form (below), however be aware product sells out fast and exact replacements are not always possible.

Fill out the Returns / Exchanges Form. Make sure to include this completed form within your box! Pack up your undesired items. Any unmarked box will do. Purchase postage and mail your items to "King Of Boards, ATTN: Returns, P.O. Box 62, Kennesaw, GA 30156" Check your email for a tracking number. King Of Boards will process your return and email you when it's complete.

Questions? The Daily Deal Man Customer Care Team is here to help.